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I feel like an old lady dedicating this whole post to my bum foot but the struggle is real when you’re experiencing chronic foot pain:(

It all began four years ago when I was in my last quarter of undergrad. For some reason, I told myself that I was going to be athletic and run the 5k that my sorority was hosting. Shortly after this, I had shooting/throbbing/stabbing pain in my outside arch of my left foot. It was so bad that I walked with a major limp and remember lying in bed unable to walk very much. I visited the podiatrist in Athens and he explained that it was likely just strained and to wear other shoes then my Sperry’s….which was awful news to hear. After a month or so the pain subsided with lots of rest and not exercising.

I noticed that the pain would be on and off every so often over the next three years. I decided to go to another podiatrist last year for a second opinion and she couldn’t find anything wrong with my foot. She told me to wear supportive shoes and gave me this cream that was total crap. The pain still wasn’t going away and at this point I was beyond frustrated. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t keep ignoring it.

At the beginning of this year, I went for my third opinion. Long story short they tried lots of efforts including an ankle brace, a walking boot and then an injection which left me in worse shape than I was, to begin with. My dad, like always, came to the rescue and got me referred to an orthopedist about three months ago. I finally had an accurate diagnosis of, “Peroneal Tendonitis.” From what I have gathered about this it means that the two major tendons in my ankle have been overly exerted resulting in inflammation. AKA a miserable Kenzie.


The doctor shared that this diagnosis takes quite some time to heal. I would need to wear this bulky, hideous, AFO brace for 3-6months. He encouraged me to be patient and rest up.

To say the least, when I got the brace I was not thrilled. I immediately went to DSW ripping out the soles of shoes and trying my best to shove the brace into something other than my Asics. I felt defeated when no shoe would accommodate the brace. I could feel the tears coming but thanks to my persistent loving boyfriend, who wouldn’t let me leave the store feeling this way, I found some fake Toms that appeared to work.

Today, I have been wearing the brace for about a month and a half. I have been going to physical therapy once every week. I’ve been trying my best to be a really good patient and follow orders. I absolutely hate that this injury has sidelined me from running, going on long walks, wearing my beloved sandals and even standing for longer than twenty minutes at a time. I have spent the summer resting and trying to do low-impact exercises which are a major adjustment from my once super active life.

It’s been quite the journey and there are times where I wish
there was such a thing as a foot transplant. There are good days and really bad days with this injury. I know I’m fortunate that with time my foot will heal but sometimes it just really sucks. But the optimist in me tries my best to reframe my thoughts and think about future when this is all behind me.

So feet, if you’re listening, I know one day you’ll be back to being carefree, happy, healthy and most importantly pain-free. I will never take for granted your amazing abilities as the foundation of my body and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Until then, I’ll work my hardest to not let this injury get in the way of living the most active lifestyle I can.

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    August 2, 2016

    Very well written post. I hope I never have to deal with Very well written post. I hope I never have to deal with foot problems like that and it sucks it’s going to take so long to get back to normal but at least you did somthing about it.

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