Chrissy Teigen knows her stuff

After a week of having epic failures of meals, I was in need of some new recipes. Sometimes no matter how in depth I meal plan, there seems to be at least one meal a week where everything just goes wrong and we end up going out to eat for dinner. Not to bash on Pinterest but more often than not the recipes I find aren’t always that tasty.

I heard so many good reviews of Chrissy’s cookbook, “Cravings,” that I hopped on Amazon and bought it. Before the cookbook, I only knew her from her modeling and the fact that she was married to John Legend. But let me tell you, she should be known for her cooking above all else!!!

All of the recipes I have tried are super easy to make and don’t require master level skills. Chrissy also lets the reader in on some short stories and her thoughts that go along with the recipes. She puts it in her own voice which makes it more personal. There’s also pictures of her eating chicken wings in a bathing suit and stuffing John Legend’s face with chili, which makes me believe that she is one real woman.

Her recipes  are by no means “healthy” or “clean” but they are sooooooooo scrumptious that they will not disappoint! I haven’t gotten through the whole cookbook yet but make it an effort to keep trying new recipes to switch things up.

The first recipe I tried was the “Pot Pie Soup with Crust Crackers.” It was so creamy and hearty that it would be perfect for a cold day or just any day because it was delish.IMG_1354

The next recipe that I cooked was, “Cheesy Jalapeno Tuna Casserole with Potato Chip topping.” Now, I’m a huge fan of a tuna noodle casserole as it was one of my favorites that my mom use to make so I was excited to try Chrissy’s spin on the classic. And Oh My Goodness!!! who knew that adding jalapenos and chips would make an explosion of tastiness in your mouth. This is definitely my favorite from her cookbook


The most recent recipe of hers that I tried was the Siracha Ceasar Salad.  My go to salad is a ceasar so  I was curious to see her take on the salad. Chrissy entitles the salad section “For when you need them.” Her dressing was thick and creamy. The added siracha gave it a nice tang too


So if you haven’t already bought “Cravings” go out and get it! This cookbook is on point and at the moment is my new favorite. Chrissy Teigan really knows her stuff when it comes to cooking!!

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