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Why social work?

I really do want to make sure that I have a few posts a month dedicated to social work as after this year of school I will be a licensed social worker (looking forward to being done with school for the rest of my life) I’m not exactly sure how I’ll do this but was thinking it could be as simple as posting an article, interventions that I’m liking, recap of school happenings or just some thoughts about the field. Soooo it’s a work in progress like the rest of this blog. But I would like to reiterate that I’m speaking as a newbie to the field and every day I learn something new so if you’re an experienced social worker reading this blog please add in your thoughts through commenting!!!

Anyways, the question of the day, on the first day of grad school was: why did you choose social work? I remember that this question was asked as an “ice breaker” (those are always a good time…not) in each class that I had that day. To sum up everyone’s response in all my classes: “because I want to help people.” I totally agree with this answer!!!!!!!! I even think I said it at one point. In the moment, and it being the very first day of grad school and being nervous as ever that response was probably the best that it was going to get. Some of my classmates had very personal reasons they went into the field and each of their stories are amazing….but I’m over here trying to think of other things to say in a sentence besides “helping.” haha

So if I could replay that first day and get asked the question again or in my preference, asked to write about it, here are some things that I as a future social worker would like to do. This could be in 1, 10, or 20 years from now. Also, this is a list in nooo specific order:

  • advocate for individuals with disabilities to get accommodations in the workplace
  • assist a teen mom in obtaining resources to get free baby clothes, diapers, or food
  • educate individuals with mental illness on how their symptoms and ways to cope
  • be the one who listens to them when no one else does
  • talk to community members about the stigma of mental illness and strike down myths
  • navigate social security, job and family services
  • empower, empower, empower
  • connect someone to a food pantry, emergency shelter, or community resources
  • intervene when there is a potential for harm
  • be a smiling face they see every day
  • counsel on the cycle of abuse
  • connect to local in-patient drug rehabilitation programs
  • problem solve a disagreement
  • crack jokes when someone is having a bad day
  • raise awareness that human trafficking knows no boundaries
  •  make phone calls on behalf of those who have trouble communicating
  • help a family reunite
  • facilitate sex education groups
  • teach how physical illness impacts mental illness
  • teach someone how to use the COTA (because it still confuses me)
  • make sure that they are getting the proper treatment in hospitals
  • teach how mindfulness can be used as a way of stress reduction
  • educate how the food we put into our bodies impacts the way we think and feel
  • collaborate with teachers, parents, administration on how to best help their child get to school
  • provide counseling to groups, individuals, families
  • to be their biggest cheerleader, advocate, and ally

I’m sure there are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more reasons as to why I chose social work than can fit into this post but just wanted to give a snapshot of how social workers help:) Below are some images I found on google when you type in “social work”….lots of hands.

Enjoy the weekend! xoxoxo





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