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Weekend Highlights

and by the weekend, I mean Thursday through Sunday because I’m on summer break which means every day is the weekend.

I woke up Thursday morning in a baking mood. I ate breakfast and drank my coffee way too fast. I quickly proceeded to Giant Eagle to pick up a few ingredients. The coffee got me bad; I was in and out in like five minutes and I don’t really remember being in the store (low caffeine tolerance.)

I wanted to get a zucchini to make chocolate chip paleo zucchini bread. I’m not really sure what Giant Eagle feeds their zucchini but this bad boy was massive….it weighed 1 1/2 pounds.IMG_2918

Crazzzzy!!! Now I haven’t really been a fan of paleo baking or at least the few recipes that I’ve tried but this turned out to be pretty good. Still not crazy about the texture that coconut flour, egg, and banana produce but I’m always up for giving it a fair shot and the chocolate chips make up for it.

Zuc breadChris requested these raspberry almond thumbprint cookies which are his fave so I baked a batch. The only bad thing about these is you have to wait four hours for the dough to chill…womp…but, in the end, its worth it.

.Raspberry cookiesAfter baking and face timing with peaches, I decided to hit the gym! I got into the routine of getting my workouts done in the mornings this summer but recently switched things up and started doing them late afternoon/evening. I think I like working out better later in the day, I’ve had the chance to properly fuel my body and drink lots o water which makes it easier in my opinion. Of course, this probably will change once school starts. There was no one there!!! This rarely happens at my gym so I took advantage and mainly used the weight machines. I focused on arms and legs followed by the bike

IMG_2924Friday morning I had physical therapy. I had a pretty bad week with the foot and vented to the PT about it which in return he gave me a pamphlet about counseling services offered. I know his intentions were good but I just wanted to complain about my foot and then being handed that just sent me into a funk for the rest of the time…womp.

But thennnnn I got the mail and my thug kitchen cookbook arrived:) I read the opening of this and it’s hilarious/vulgar/blunt and absolutely amazing. To be honest, Chirs ordered it off of amazon before seeing that it was a vegan cookbook but maybe this will make us get on the “meatless monday” craze. The recipes look pretty tasty! I can’t wait to give it a try and be a thug in my kitchen.IMG_2926 2After having a good laugh I went down for a workout. I did 20 minutes of the bike then Lauren Gleisberg’s Kettlebooty weighted workout. I felt totally better after the sweat sesh!

For dinner, we decided to get tacos at Los Guachos. I’ve never been but Chris has been wanting to go for a while and supposedly they have the best tacos in Columbus?. I ordered the fish tacos and the original pastor (i consulted yelp before going). I was kinda let down. The tacos were just mediocre. I was expecting an explosion of flavor but it was just bland. Maybe I ordered wrong. Chris really enjoyed his so I guess it wasn’t a total bust.

IMG_2935 6Saturday we did some back to school shopping at the new Tanger outlets of Columbus. We went super early at like 10am to beat the crowds as it was a tax-free weekend. I scored some major deals at the limited and stocked up on clothes for my internship. For dinner, we went to J. Alexander’s, a spot that we eat at probs wayyyyyy too much but we can always guarantee a delish meal there. Chris got the jumbo fried shrimp and I ordered the filet kabobs. Mighty fine!

IMG_2938After dinner, we ventured to the Container Store. I’m in some major need of organization in my life and this store has just what I needed. I wanted to tackle the makeup situation. I’ve always had the makeup bag to store the essentials but the problem is that I can never find anything in the damn bag. So I got this makeup organizer that did the trick. I was overly excited about this purchase. Look at this glorious display of my makeup!!!! It’s the little things in life:)

Combined makeupToday we woke up and decided that Brueggers was needed.  I got the usual: skinny zesty egg white on everything whole wheat. We meal planned and then went to the grocery store. Now it’s back to getting ready for the week and lounging around on this lazy Sunday. Enjoy! xoxo

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    August 7, 2016

    Little, I am so glad you are blogging! Love reading about your life. I need to plan a visit to Columbus soon <3

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      August 7, 2016

      Big!! Thanks so much for reading!! I would absolutely love to see you soon:)

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