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Foot problem: an update!!

Hello!! On Tuesday I went to the orthopedist for a check up on my foot. To my surprise, he said that everything was looking good. He even shared that I could gradually start to ween off using the brace…whattt?????? I thought for sure I was destined to be in this brace for a few months longer. He warned me against pushing it overboard and damaging the tendon even more with intense walking or exercise. But he said that I could go ahead and see what it feels like to take my foot out of the brace!!!!!

We talked about finding a good supportive shoe and he listened to me complain how shoe companies don’t make supportive shoes that are cute and non-old-lady-looking haha. He looked at the teal Toms I was wearing and advised to not wear them…womp womp but I saw that coming.

Later in the day, I went to the DSW at Polaris. Chris filled me in that that DSW had a wide selection of comfort shoes. My last experience at DSW did not turn out well so I went in with a positive mindset and looked at it as the chance to get a whole new shoe wardrobe:) I was mainly focused on buying dressier shoes for my internship and figure I can find casual ones later.

I stuck to the brands of EasySpirit, Dr. Scholls, Aerosoles and Naturalizer as those were ones that I knew were for comfort. Overall I spent about an hour at DSW trying on what seemed to be everything. I was literally sweating from all of the trying on shoes…I do think that the store’s air conditioning wasn’t working but anyway I found two pairs of shoes that for now appear to work.

IMG_2988When I got back, I gave a good look at my current shoes and immediately made a donation pile. I like to go through my clothes every once and a while to do a proper cleanse but haven’t with my shoes. To be honest, I have kept shoes from high school dances and shoes that were two sizes too big for my now size 7 1/2 feet. Something about getting rid of things gives me a sense of relief. So I gave away TEN PAIRS of shoes which I think is AMAZING for me! Just looking at some of those shoes and thinking how they may have added to this injury gave me, even more, motivation to say “bye Felicia.”

IMG_2970Now I must actually start caring about how the shoe feels on my foot rather than just buying for looks. This will be a huge change for me. I literally have to learn how to feel an arch because I have no idea what that means (sounds pathetic but it’s the truth.) If you have any recommendations of fashionable comfort shoes with great arch support, PLEASE let me know!

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    August 11, 2016

    Oh, I feel your frustration! When I broke my foot earlier this summer my orthopedist recommended Danskos (clogs that a lot of moms + nurses wear), which I wasn’t super happy about. They have some cute styles and are very comfortable, though. I’ve had a lot of luck with Born and Clarks as well. I think they tend to make a wider variety of styles and you can find some really cute options. I have a pair of black ballet flats and some grey oxfords, both with great arch support and pretty cute! Hope this helps in your shoe quest 🙂

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