Food Scenes from this Week

This week we meal planned lots of veggie meals because we were wanting something lighter. This was proven to not be the best of ideas haha. Sometimes we meal plan with good ideas at the time but then it turns bad realllll quick when we actually make them:/

Sunday I made this gnocchi with summer squash and corn. It was super simple and relatively quick to make. I’ll defs make this again but probs with meatballs for some source of protein.



Monday night I made another recipe from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. Not sure about this cookbook, maybe it’s the recipes that I’ve chosen or maybe vegan just isn’t for me (probs both). I made the cauliflower tacos and added black beans. Needless to say about an hour later we were tearing through the cabinets snacking on anything and everything because we were so hungry.IMG_3051

We originally planned another meal from Thug Kitchen but after those tacos, we scratched that plan and went with meat. So I threw together a quick pad-thai dish with chicken which was both filling and delicious.


For lunches, I only got one pic…opps but they mainly were variations of this roast beef salad:IMG_3057

On Saturday we ate at Zest for lunch. I got the dragon fruit acai bowl (dragon fruit, strawberry, banana, raspberry, mango, honey & coconut milk ) Chris got the bliss acai bowl (banana, strawberry, mango, acai, honey & apple juice). They were very refreshing for this super hot weekend.

IMG_3064 (1)

That’s all of the pics I managed to take this week of what we ate!

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