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Happy New Year

Happy 2017, loves! I wanted to stop by to do a quick post as it’s a new year. I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one:) Instead of relecting on the year that was I choose to think about the what’s to come.  I have lots of personal accomplishments like graduating with my MSW, obtaining my LSW, and getting a real world job to look forward to. I also have the wedding of my brother and my BFF, Alex, which I could not be more excited for! And of course I always look forward to the next adventure with Chris:) So I’m ready to get this new year rolling because I just cant wait! woo!

I don’t know if I have any new resoulutions rather I just want to continue on with the goals I have set for myself. Some of these goals are as follows:

  1. I want to continue to fuel my body with what makes it feel the best
  2. be as positive as possible
  3. be gentle with myself in thoughts and actions
  4. challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone
  5. keep in touch with those who mean the most

I look forward to keep up with positng on Hellokenzie and expanding on the topics/content. I LOVE having this space for me to just write my thoughts/feelings.

I will leave you with photos from the past month and my visit with my parents (which is mainly food pics but ain’t nothin wrong with that).

Hope the new year is treating you well! xoxo



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