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Things I’m anxious about

Hello, it’s me!!!! Goodness! I need to work on posting more.

I am halfway through the last semester of my grad program and can’t wait to be done. I’ve found motivation for school to be a real struggle this past semester. I think in part because of anxiety. I’m anxious to get going in my career or just to simply to know what job I’ll have.  I’ve just started looking for jobs and filling out applications….the whole process is sooooo daunting. I want to make sure I get the job that’s right for me but sometimes you really don’t know until you’re in it. I’m also anxious about taking the LSW which I’ve been studying for when I get break from papers and endless amounts of homework for school. I never was great at standardized tests so I’m pretty nervous about this. I keep telling myself that the material is all things I should be good with because hell, it’s not science or math…it’s social work y’all. But for real, I will be happy once I pass and move forward.  Finally, I’m anxious about all the schoolwork that has to be done before I graduate. Papers on papers on papers and throw in a few presentations and then I can legit be done. My to-do list is hella long but it will all be over on April 24th…which I may cry tears of joy but idk.

Point is, anxiety is no joke especially with school but after school ends anxiety will still be here so it’s all about how you cope.

So here is a list of my current coping skills:

  1. Reminding myself to be present in my thoughts
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Lifting heavy weights and “killing it” in the gym (I’ll have to do a post about my strength training journey soon)
  4. Eating chocolate (this is not a joke)
  5. Instagram stories (Chris is for sure rolling his eyes at his one:))
  6. Taking breaks from homework and not pressuring myself to get everything done
  7. Painting my nails
  8. Baking:)

I think coping skills change depending on where you are in your life.  Knowing your coping skills is all about knowing yourself, which is something that’s ever evolving. I’m lucky enough to have said coping skills whereas many may not and this is something that I look forward to helping others discover:)

Happy  Friyay!!!

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