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Finding a job is the worst

Hi hi! As of lately, all my attention is focused on finding a job which is sooooooooo consuming/frustrating/lengthy/tiring/a billion other emotions all at once so I thought I would just put my thoughts in a quick post.

  1. Applying for tons of jobs and only hearing back from one. The first thing I do in the morning is check the usuals: indeed and linkedin. I scroll through all of my key-words dealing with social work and hope that there are new postings or something miraculously appears. I fill out applications, send resumes, and cover letters and basically cross my fingers that I hear back from at least one place that I applied to
  2. There are hundreds of social workers vying for one job. Now of course, I’m not sure what the stats of this are but my graduating class is around 200 which if they stay in Ohio, they are all my competition. Job postings are slim to begin with so we’re all competing against each other not to mention those social workers who are already out in the field applying for jobs.
  3. The dreaded rejection email. I have had several phone interviews and in-person interviews which have resulted in rejection emails stating that the position has been filled. This is the worst.  I’m left questioning, Did they not like me? Did I not have the experience? Did I do something wrong in the interview? All of these unanswered questions makes a confused Kenzie. It also doesn’t help that I’m left with not knowing how I can improve upon skills for the next interview.
  4. This whole process takes a toll on my self-esteem. I know I shouldn’t take any of this personally, but it’s hard not to when nothing comes from an interview or I don’t hear back from the job which I was super qualified for and really wanted.

What I do know is that with every interview I get there is a chance to build upon my interviewing experience. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that there is a job that is the right fit for me somewhere out there. It’s extremely hard now that I’m out of school and have nothing to do but I’m trying my best to remind myself that this takes patience.

As my mom states, “this is a process, you have to stick with it”



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