Figuring out what works best for me

Hi, everyone! Today I wanted to touch on figuring out what works best for me specifically the “balance” when it comes to eating.

Just being real I sometimes struggle with balance when it comes to food choices. Ever since I changed my eating habits and adopted a more “clean eating” approach, it’s hard for me to not get consumed in only eating nutritious/real foods. For the past four or so years I got into a routine of eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins all while eliminating a good portion of processed foods, carbohydrates, and added sugars. It came so naturally for me to lessen or stay away from foods that I thought did not add any nutritional value to my diet.

From this lifestyle change I have learned that only sticking to a “clean eating” diet or any certain way of eating is rather restrictive and this is a place where I don’t want to be. To be restrictive in food choices only denies my body of proper nourishment. Don’t get me wrong I love the way I eat and how my body responds to real food. But when I get consumed with negative thoughts revolving around food choices (and believe me this happens frequently) is when I know that this is not ok.

In fact, I love ice cream, donuts, brownies, candy, BREAD and all kinds of foods. And believe it or not all said food provides essential nutrients to your body!!!  So when I have these, “ugh I’ve been eating like crap” thoughts I really try to understand the reasoning behind them. The truth is there’s a multitude of factors for these thoughts. I think that almost all women can relate to negative food thoughts at some point in our lives due to a plethora of reasons which I’m not going to go into (maybe for another post).

So as with any lifestyle change, I continually learn more and more about myself and what works best for me and my body.  I am so far away from leading a balanced life but this is something that I am working towards. I am striving to be in a good space with all food choices, kale or not;). Afterall, I want to lead the most healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For now, I have figured out that I am done categorizing how I eat. I eat what’s best for me and my body:)


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