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January intentions

Hey All!  Sooooo it’s been a while…womp womp…epic fail of keeping this blog up to date. But hey, I’m here now so I figured I would pop on by for a quick post. With the new year fastly approaching I figured I would set some intentions for the month of January! I feel like 2018 is going to be the best year yet!!! You guys, I’m getting married in 2018!!! wooohooo!!!! So I already have an attachment and feeling towards this next year being awesome!!!

Anyways, I want to have some real talk about self-care. In grad school one of the most repetitive phrases that I heard about the social work field was, “you need to take of yourself.” And oh my god is this so true. To be honest I’ve been having a really rough time with my new job. There have been times where I get into my car at the end of the day and a rush of anxiety comes over me to the point where I’m just zoning out because my mind is in a billion places. My mood usually isn’t the best when I get home either which isn’t fair to Chris or anyone I come across or heck to even me. I haven’t made working out or eating nutritious food a priority because I just feel exhausted when I get off of work. And this my friends…does not make for a healthy Kenzie:(

I want to make sure that I’m making myself a priority…and Jesus does this sound selfish… but it’s the truth you can’t help others if you yourself are not in a good space. This being my first job out of grad school I want to make sure that I’m not on my way to being another burnt out social worker. So I’m making some changes currently and thought that with the new year I should make self-care intentions each month. If anything this will keep me accountable and I’m in dire need of accountability. So below are some of the ways I’m taking care of me and my own mental health.


Practice mindful meditations before go in for work

Engage in some form of exercise/movement 2-3 times a week after work


Craft for the wedding

Paint my nails or get a manicure

Get together with friends

Eat more veggies:)

I think this is a good start! I’ll keep you posted on progress made towards these! I hope you all are enjoying the last few days of 2017 and I know I can’t wait to get 2018 started:) Until the next post!

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