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Food Scenes from this Week

This week we meal planned lots of veggie meals because we were wanting something lighter. This was proven to not be the best of ideas haha. Sometimes we meal plan with good ideas at the time but then it turns bad realllll quick when we actually make them:/

Sunday I made this gnocchi with summer squash and corn. It was super simple and relatively quick to make. I’ll defs make this again but probs with meatballs for some source of protein.



Monday night I made another recipe from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. Not sure about this cookbook, maybe it’s the recipes that I’ve chosen or maybe vegan just isn’t for me (probs both). I made the cauliflower tacos and added black beans. Needless to say about an hour later we were tearing through the cabinets snacking on anything and everything because we were so hungry.IMG_3051

We originally planned another meal from Thug Kitchen but after those tacos, we scratched that plan and went with meat. So I threw together a quick pad-thai dish with chicken which was both filling and delicious.


For lunches, I only got one pic…opps but they mainly were variations of this roast beef salad:IMG_3057

On Saturday we ate at Zest for lunch. I got the dragon fruit acai bowl (dragon fruit, strawberry, banana, raspberry, mango, honey & coconut milk ) Chris got the bliss acai bowl (banana, strawberry, mango, acai, honey & apple juice). They were very refreshing for this super hot weekend.

IMG_3064 (1)

That’s all of the pics I managed to take this week of what we ate!

Social Work

Back to Grad School

Here we go again! Back to school! This year will be my last year of school EVER and this time I mean it!

After undergrad, I took almost three years off from school to focus on getting that professional experience I needed and really I just wanted a break from school.

During my time off I heard lots of : “it’s really hard to take a break and then go back to school,” but I usually just shrugged it off. I’m a goal setter so going back to school to get my masters was the goal I was working toward. Once I put a goal in mind then that’s my focus so there was no doubt that I was going back to school.

Sure, going back to school was difficult but it was mainly just an adjustment. I had to adjust to sitting in class for several hours, writing in APA, and reading A TON (I think that’s what grad school is all about.) But overall it hasn’t been anything I can’t handle.

I’m excited for this year which seems like it’s going to be very busy but hey that’s a good thing. I’ll have two days of classes and three days at my internship. This year I decided to do my internship at a high school. I have no experience in a school setting so I thought I would give it a try to see if it’s something that I want to pursue in the future.  After this year I’ll have a school social work license on top of my LSW.

And of course, I’m most excited for graduation and getting my big girl job. For real, going back to school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t wait to see what my future has in store for me.

I’ll leave you with a pic from the olden days at the best school ever…OU!




Food Scenes from this Week

Hi! I love looking at food pics via Instagram, I know some people are over it, but I actually enjoy seeing what people are eating. It gives me the motivation to try out new recipes or just to get in the kitchen and make my meals rather than going out. So this post is all about what I ate this week (if I remember to capture it) with mainly food pictures…because this makes me happy!

Sunday I actually meal prepped a little which I haven’t done in the longest time. I’m hoping with school starting up, I’ll be able to do more meal prep Sundays. I made these flourless pumpkin muffins and they turned out superb…perfect for the upcoming fall season. I also cooked some jasmine rice, turkey, and hard boiled eggs to throw in salads for the week.

meal prep

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My life

Foot problem: an update!!

Hello!! On Tuesday I went to the orthopedist for a check up on my foot. To my surprise, he said that everything was looking good. He even shared that I could gradually start to ween off using the brace…whattt?????? I thought for sure I was destined to be in this brace for a few months longer. He Continue Reading

Social Work

Why social work?

I really do want to make sure that I have a few posts a month dedicated to social work as after this year of school I will be a licensed social worker (looking forward to being done with school for the rest of my life) I’m not exactly sure how I’ll do this but was thinking it could be as simple as posting an article, Continue Reading


Chrissy Teigen knows her stuff

After a week of having epic failures of meals, I was in need of some new recipes. Sometimes no matter how in depth I meal plan, there seems to be at least one meal a week where everything just goes wrong and we end up going out to eat for dinner. Not to bash on Pinterest but more often than not the recipes I find aren’t always that tasty. Continue Reading

My life

Foot problems

I feel like an old lady dedicating this whole post to my bum foot but the struggle is real when you’re experiencing chronic foot pain:( Continue Reading

My life

My very own blog

Hello!! It’s me, Kenzie! I decided to start a blog because it has been something that I have always wanted to do and figure there’s no time like the present to start. I would consider myself a fangirl of blogs as I follow dozens and continually check for their latest posts.

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