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New (to me) grocery store finds

Woooohoooo! I’m officially done with autumn semester and free from school until January 9th! Yippee!!!!!! I’m so glad that semester is OVER! Anyway, I thought I would share some new (to me) finds at the grocery store that i’ve tried and LOVED.

If you love toast and bagels then drop everything and go to Wholefoods to buy this kite hill chive spread. It’s dairy-free but tastes exactly like the real deal. Best part the ingredients are simple and REAL. I also love to dip veggies and just about anything in this stuff. yum.


Another delish find from Wholefoods is this three sisters chili: better bean. It’s great on tacos or spread it on sandwiches or just eat it out of the tub. It has 9 grams of protein per serving so you know it does the job.


One of my fave breakfast pairings is granola and yogurt. I have past this granola soooo many times in the grocery store simply because i think spending 7 dollars is ridiculous but a few weeks ago of course i caved and bought this Purely Elizabeth chocolate and sea salt granola. Elizabeth’s granola is like the ultimate of the granola’s out there. Plus it is load on the probiotics which i will talk about it a few. This granola is light and airy (not like the horrible crunchy stuff that makes you feel like you’re eating rocks).


This next food pick would probably make my brother eye-roll as he always gives me grief for loving black bean burgers. I’ve heard good things about Hilary’s bean burgers so I gave them a try. I do like them but I’m not in love with them yet (maybe i’ll try the other burger options). But the ingredients are on point with being clean and realllll good for you. These would defs make an excellent meatless Monday option or if you just like a good bean burger than try these out.


Now to the kombucha! Chris and I have been on a booch kick for a few months now. I wont go in to details but i’ve always had stomach issues. I’ve taken probiotic supplemts before but didn’t really notice any difference. I’ll be honest the first time I tried kombucha I nearly gagged at the flavor. But we’ve tried a fair amount of different brands and have favored Health Ade and GT’s. I love the health ade flavors of pink lady apple, pomegranate and grape. I defs stick with GT’s synergy trilogy flavor but have tried guava and strawberry which were pretty good too. I have noticed improvements in digestion and I think it mainly helps me with bloating. So my recommendation is to give the booch a try to see if it helps for those who struggle with picky stomachs:)



Point is all of these new finds have clean/real ingredients which taste soooo good and make me feel the best:) and I wanted to share the love with all of you!


3 Delicious Recipes from Gimme Some Oven

Hey guys! Just wanted to stop by to post three recipes I tried this week from the food blogger: Gimme Some Oven. I think I found the blog through pinning a recipe from Pinterest and now I follow her on Instagram. She seems super sweet and has lots of easy recipes on her blog. We actually had meal planned three of her recipes for this week and they all turned out pretty good (this never happens).  I have to share the yumminess:)

On Sunday I made this super thick, creamy, amazingly rich potato soup in the crockpot. It seriously tasted like we were eating a twice baked potato…it was AWESOME! If you like more of a soupy soup than I would recommend adding more broth/water to the recipe! but we liked it thick!


On Monday I made this: easy quinoa pizza. Instead of separating it into little ramekins I made it in a casserole dish and it turned out superb. I also added lots of mushrooms and ground Italian sausage to give it more flavor so you can really customize it with your fave pizza toppings. It was really easy to whip up too! and you really can’t go wrong with a pizza recipe.


On Tuesday we made her 20-minute teriyaki chicken with homemade teriyaki sauce. Making sauce is always intimidating but it turned out perfectly! I made mixed veggies and white rice to along with it.


I’m definitely a fan of her recipes so far and will be on the lookout for more! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!!


Food Scenes from this Week

This week we meal planned lots of veggie meals because we were wanting something lighter. This was proven to not be the best of ideas haha. Sometimes we meal plan with good ideas at the time but then it turns bad realllll quick when we actually make them:/

Sunday I made this gnocchi with summer squash and corn. It was super simple and relatively quick to make. I’ll defs make this again but probs with meatballs for some source of protein.



Monday night I made another recipe from the Thug Kitchen cookbook. Not sure about this cookbook, maybe it’s the recipes that I’ve chosen or maybe vegan just isn’t for me (probs both). I made the cauliflower tacos and added black beans. Needless to say about an hour later we were tearing through the cabinets snacking on anything and everything because we were so hungry.IMG_3051

We originally planned another meal from Thug Kitchen but after those tacos, we scratched that plan and went with meat. So I threw together a quick pad-thai dish with chicken which was both filling and delicious.


For lunches, I only got one pic…opps but they mainly were variations of this roast beef salad:IMG_3057

On Saturday we ate at Zest for lunch. I got the dragon fruit acai bowl (dragon fruit, strawberry, banana, raspberry, mango, honey & coconut milk ) Chris got the bliss acai bowl (banana, strawberry, mango, acai, honey & apple juice). They were very refreshing for this super hot weekend.

IMG_3064 (1)

That’s all of the pics I managed to take this week of what we ate!


Food Scenes from this Week

Hi! I love looking at food pics via Instagram, I know some people are over it, but I actually enjoy seeing what people are eating. It gives me the motivation to try out new recipes or just to get in the kitchen and make my meals rather than going out. So this post is all about what I ate this week (if I remember to capture it) with mainly food pictures…because this makes me happy!

Sunday I actually meal prepped a little which I haven’t done in the longest time. I’m hoping with school starting up, I’ll be able to do more meal prep Sundays. I made these flourless pumpkin muffins and they turned out superb…perfect for the upcoming fall season. I also cooked some jasmine rice, turkey, and hard boiled eggs to throw in salads for the week.

meal prep

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Chrissy Teigen knows her stuff

After a week of having epic failures of meals, I was in need of some new recipes. Sometimes no matter how in depth I meal plan, there seems to be at least one meal a week where everything just goes wrong and we end up going out to eat for dinner. Not to bash on Pinterest but more often than not the recipes I find aren’t always that tasty. Continue Reading